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HOA Warrior I: HOA Warrior (20 Steps to confront your HOA)

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HOA Warrior II: Responding to Pets, Paint, and Parking in Your HOA (with 101 templates)

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Protecting your rights is not easy

Confronting an association board can take everything you have. Arm yourself with facts.

Shelly Marshall, homeowner advocate

You can get the upper hand, but it may cost you more than you want to pay.

Hi, I'm Shelly. I joined my neighbors in fighting an abusive board--we won, put in protections for members, and then it happened again. We won the second time too. Let us share what we learned. My experience, research, and documents will make your battle easier and are contained in both reports.

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Thanks for telling the public the truth! I have an attorney who is trying to settle my situation whereby I was made promises at closing in writing then changed their mind. ~Leslie

Shelly has written a terrific book that walks homeowners through the process...~Shu Bartholomew, radio host of On the Commons

You have the best books and the best HOA reformer website out there! ~Peaceful Coyote, Advocate from Estancia Primera in New Mexico April 2017

Ward Lucas

Here's what Ward Lucas and other homeowners say about Shelly's work.

Shelly Marshall has certainly done her homework. Homeowners Associations have increasingly become the most disgusting institutions in America. ~ author of Neighbors at War

One of the best resources I have found with regard to handling HOA disputes: Shelly Marshall's HOA Warrior Reports I and II. The reports contain plenty of practical tips based on the author's personal experience, and keen understanding of human nature. You'll find well-written and easy to understand, step by step tactics you can take, and, hopefully, avoid an all-out legal war in the process.Deborah Goonan, IAC

I loved your book "HOA Warrior'. I only wished I had come across it seven years ago {...} Please excuse me, I now have to start my reading of your other book (I do hope you write many more). ~

"Responding to pets . . ." is an opener to the more serious issues of HOA private regimes. ~George K Staropoli

I have now read your e-book and found it to be most enlightening. ~Dianah Land, Attorney

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