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NEW! Supplemental Material to HOA Warrior As promised, the supplemental material is now out. HOA Warrior Report II: Pets, Paint, & Parking explains the mountains of paperwork and documents and gives you 101 editable forms, templates, and sample letters for your use.

Are you an Advocate? For HOA governance and bully boards to change, it will come from the ground up. This means you. Many Grass Roots movements are springing up around the country (see our Grass Roots page). If any are located in your state, join now. If not, consider creating your own. NEW: download and distribute this flyer on being an ADVOCATE.


People say the HOA Warrior Series Works when nothing else does

Ward Lucas

Shelly Marshall has certainly done her homework. Homeowners Associations have increasingly become the most disgusting institutions in America. ~ author of Neighbors at War

I loved your book "HOA Warrior'. I only wished I had come across it seven years ago {...} Please excuse me, I now have to start my reading of your other book (I do hope you write many more). ~

Of course I will mention HOA was you that inspired me to do what I did. :-) I Read more...

Shelly has written a terrific book that walks homeowners through the process...~Shu Bartholomew, radio host of On the Commons

"Responding to pets . . ." is an opener to the more serious issues of HOA private regimes. ~George K Staropoli

I have now read your e-book and found it to be most enlightening. ~Dianah Land, Attorney


You can get the upper hand. Let me show you how.

Hi, I'm Shelly. I joined my neighbors in fighting an abusive board--we won, put in protections for members, and then it happened again. We won the second time too. Let us share what we learned. The main book is HOA Warrior and outlines 20 Steps you can take to win. There is also a Zip file that may help which contains templates, samples letters, and forms you may use to respond to your board. My experience, research, and documents will make your battle easier.

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